Pinspiration // International Dinner Party!


Hello friends!  Last month I had the honor of hosting an International Dinner Party!  Way back in September of last year, the hubby and his team decided to participate in an auction benefiting the Alberta Children’s Hospital by auctioning off: A Multi-Cultural Dinner Party for 8-10, featuring savory dishes from Hungary, Poland, Venezuela, China, India, Thailand, Argentina, Canada, and the US.  You see, my hubby has a very diverse team, and we were all pretty excited to bring our own cultures to the table! (<–like what I did there?!  haha)

I immediately started a board on Pinterest to capture some ideas that I loved.  Right as the holiday season began, I was able to score some fairly good-priced white porcelain holiday serving sets from Wal-Mart.  For between $10-$20 a set, I picked up some unique pieces such as a 3-tiered dessert tray, long-boat platters, mini-dessert cups, etc.  I also picked up some “fancy” silver plastic utensils and “fancy” plastic wine glasses and tumblers at Party City.  With a large buffet style set-up and a casual dining atmosphere, I didn’t want the guests to worry about carrying around and/or dropping heavy plates and real glassware.  I also asked for some popular songs to add to a playlist as background noise.


When I first came across the picture below, I immediately knew it was what I wanted!  We have the same layout, with long wooden dining table, credenza at back, and porcelain white serving dishes! Adaptations from my Pinspiration pic include using a red runner (instead of orange), and making the centerpiece an old-world globe!  I don’t know how I missed taking a pic…but I’m assuming it’s because I was too busy cleaning the house!!! 


I then printed off small 4″ x 6″ flags of the countries represented, placed them into clear picture frames (from the dollar store!) and set them near their respective foods on the table.  I started with the idea from the pin below, then added my own twist.  I found the printable flags via



The Menu

Each co-host was asked to bring a popular dish native to their country – enough to feed 20.  We divided things up between Appetizers, Main Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks.  I also added in some non-cultural foods to act as fillers (and as a backup in case someone had allergies or a sensitive stomach), such as veggies/dip, salad, cheese tray, and meatballs.





We had a great mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the evening.  The variety allowed our guests to “try something new” they may not have otherwise picked up on their own.  Below are the alcoholic choices offered:

Venezuelan Rum
Polish Vodka //  Zubrowka
Argentinian Wine (Malbec) // Graffigna & Trapiche
Thai Beer // Singha Lager
Chinese Beer // Tsingtao
Indian Beer // Taj Mahal Lager
Canadian Beer // Molsen Canadian Lager & Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale
Ice Wine (Canada)

Other Pinspiration

I really, really, really wanted to do flag appetizers (source) – national flags made from each country’s traditional foods – but just didn’t have the time to thoroughly plan it all out!   How amazing are these?!?!  I could have made a Canadian flag out of strips of bacon, and a bottle of maple leaf syrup in the center!



Another fun idea would have been a Food & Drink passport (source)!  Each guest could be given a passport when they arrive, and they must chat with each country host to get a stamp or sticker!  This would be a great ice-breaker for large groups.


And how about this adorable lil’ globe ornament that doubles as a party favor and a decoration!!!


{ Link-Up }

Thought this would be a great post to try my first “Tried It Tuesday” link-up with Sara over at Lake Shore Runner.  Have something you want to share?  Join us!

I hope you have enjoyed my Pinspiration post today…where I turned Inspiration into a New Experience!



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