Boston // 4.15

Hello friends, runners, bloggers and readers.  Today is a very special day in the hearts and memories of runners (and those who love runners!) worldwide, as we remember the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  A quote from former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sums it up: “This day will always be hard.  It’ll never be easy to gather at that finishing line.”

{ My Dedication }

Today’s miles are in honor of the 2013 Boston Marathon – everyone who ran, everyone who we lost, everyone whose lives will never be the same.


{ New Tradition }

Please observe a moment of silence at 2:49 PM today to mark the two-year anniversary of the attack at the Boston Marathon, and all day in recognizing the first One Boston Day.

“The Boston Athletic Association and Boston Marathon Principal Sponsor John Hancock join the City of Boston in celebrating a new annual tradition: One Boston Day. One Boston Day is a city-wide celebration that recognizes the unity and strength of our city.  One Boston Day is a time when we as a community can honor and remember all of those affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. One Boston Day is also a day to come together and celebrate Boston’s spirit, and the strength, resiliency, and compassion that epitomizes our city. Mayor Marty Walsh established One Boston Day with the desire expressed by many survivors to pass on the kindness, generosity, and support they received following the 2013 Boston Marathon. The City of Boston will hold a moment of silence at 2:49 p.m. to mark the two-year anniversary, with church bells ringing throughout the city shortly after to pay tribute and celebrate the lives of those effected in April, 2013.  On One Boston Day, individuals, businesses, and organizations across the City will display their humanity and unity by encouraging random acts of kindness and spreading goodwill. One Boston Day is a chance for everyone to get involved, embodying the spirit of the Boston community. Whether it’s giving up your seat on the T or saying ‘thank you’ to the City’s police and fire personnel, we encourage everyone to take part in One Boston Day.”


{ Remembrance }

Three people were killed.  More than 260 wounded.  16 victims lost limbs.

  • Martin Richard, 8, was there with his family and watching runners cross the finish line when he died.
  • Lu Lingzi, 23, was  a Chinese exchange student at Boston University.
  • Krystle Campbell, 29, died when she swapped spots with another spectator hoping for a better view of the finish line.
  • Police officer Sean Collier died days later as authorities pursued the suspects.

{ 2 Years Ago… }




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