Leave It All On The Road // 04.20.2015 // RnR Portland Half Training #8

Hello friends!  It’s time for my weekly fitness recap.   27 days (4 weeks!) until the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon!!!  Oh man…less than 30 days away….  Still on track for weekly mileage.  In fact, my last 3 weeks have been great (and the two before that were pretty good)!


{ Apr 13 – Apr 19, 2015 }

Walking – 17.5 miles
Biking – NA
Elliptical – NA
Stairs – NA
Strength/Core – NA
Running – 18.85 miles
Total 2015 Distance: 178.52 miles

{ Fitness Notes: Schedule vs. Actual }


04.13 – Rest

04.14 – Active Rest

  • 1.0 mile walk to work (AM)
  • 1.0 mile walk home (PM)

04.15 –  4.15 mile outdoor run #BostonStrong

  • 1.0 mile walk to work (AM)
  • 1.0 mile walk home (PM)
  • 0.5 mile warm-up walk
  • 4.15 mile outdoor run along Eau Claire (9:09/mile)
  • 0.5 mile cool-down walk

04.16 – 3.1 mile treadmill run

  • 1.0 mile walk to work (AM)
  • 1.0 mile walk home (PM)
  • 0.25 mile warm-up walk
  • 3.0 mile treadmill run 0.5m @6.9, 2.5m@7.0, last 0.1@7.1  (8:38/mile)
  • 0.25 mile cool-down walk

04.17– Active Rest

  • 4.5 walk along Elbow River

04.18 – Active Rest

  • 4.5 walk along Elbow River

04.12 –  11.6 mile long run

  • 11.6 mile outdoor run along Glenmore Reservoir (9:04/mile)
  • 1.0 mile cool-down walk

{ Fitness Link-Ups }

I’m linking up with Road Runner Girl for The Weekly Chase and with Jesica from rUnladylike for Week-in-Review, in the hopes that setting weekly goals will help keep me on track throughout the week!

What I’m most proud of:

My hubby!!!  He traveled to Houston this past week, and was amazingly consistent.  And…he did his first outdoor run of the year – on a SUPER hilly course. He was fantastic…and honestly…pushed me to finish strong!!!  He also completed his highest mileage week yet (25 miles!)

13-Apr 14-Apr 15-Apr 16-Apr 17-Apr 18-Apr 19-Apr
3.1 3.1 3.1 4.2 0 0 11.65

Also – crushing the Glenmore Reservoir long, hilly run on Sunday!  We didn’t stop AT ALL!!!



Where I struggled:

Only running three times this week.  I let my work schedule get the best of me…  I thought I would be super self-motivated since the hubby was out of town this week…but it turns out I really, really, really just wanted to get my work done!!!  I think one night I didn’t even start my run until 7:30 pm.  I’m normally between 4-6 pm.

Thought for the week ahead:


Last week’s goals:

Goal #1: Balance.  With the hubby out of town this week, I want to make sure I keep myself balanced between relaxing & reading, working out, and eating healthy! #SUCCESS

This week’s goals:

Goal #1: Crush the Glenmore Reservoir again this weekend.  2nd time around should be even better, right?!

How is YOUR fitness training going?




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