We’re Half Crazy!

Hello friends…and Happy Wednesday!  I have a confession…

…what I didn’t tell you guys after announcing that we signed up for the Calgary Police Half, is that we also signed up for just a few…okay…six! other half marathons throughout the year (in addition to the Portland RnR we’re already signed up for)! HalfCrazy

{ Upcoming 2015 Races } 

May 17 // Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (Portland, OR, USA)
May 31 // Calgary Half Marathon (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Jun 21 // Banff Half Marathon (Banff, AB, Canada)
Jul 05 // Stampede Road Race – Half Marathon (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Aug 23 // Edmonton Half Marathon (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Sep 13 // Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon (Drumheller, AB, Canada)
Oct 25 // Vancouver Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

That is EIGHT half marathons for the year…the same number of half marathons I have completed over the last three years combined!

I still need to pick out a third Rock’n’Roll half marathon.  The likely candidate is Chicago on July 19th….the other possibilities are Montreal on September 20th, San Jose on September 27th or Brooklyn on October 10th.

I honestly think this is a manageable schedule – with races two or more weeks apart and the travel fairly light.  We are really lucky that there are so many races near us – and with early registration for most, it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.  The Calgary and Stampede races are local, so no hotels or flights!  Banff, Edmonton, and Drumheller are all within 2.5 hours from us, so no flights!  I have reserved a hotel at both Banff and Edmonton, but mainly because 1) we LOVE Banff and having an excuse for a weekend getaway, and 2) we’ve never been to Edmonton and want to a night to explore the city.  We are undecided on a hotel for Drumheller, as it is close enough that we could just get up early and drive day of….but I loved the area and want to go up a day before to show the hubby the Dinosaur Museum, the Badlands, and the HooDoos!

Not on the schedule are any 5Ks or 10Ks that we may randomly sign-up for.  We are aiming for sub 25-min 5Ks and sub 50-min 10Ks by the end of the year…so there just may have to be a race or two in there to test that goal!

{ Wild Workout Wednesday }

The good thing is…I’m not alone!  There are others out there who are just as crazy 😉  Check out Ange’s 400 km in 8 months schedule HERE!!!

Linking up with Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Sarah at Creating Better Tomorrow, and Amber at Bold Fit Mom for Wild Workout Wednesday!


What’s your running schedule currently look like?



4 thoughts on “We’re Half Crazy!

  1. Dude! that is so exciting/scary for a non-runner like myself! Have fun and you definitely need to get Nick to nerd out on the rock extravaganza that is Drumheller. 🙂 xoxox

  2. Good luck! I think it’s awesome that you’ve signed up for so many. I did my first half in Nov then did another in May and have one in July and one in Nov again. I feel I’m crazy for my schedule but you top it! 🙂

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