Thinking Out Loud // 05.14.2015

Hello friends.  Linking up with Amanda (Running with Spoons) for “Thinking Out Loud.”  What’s in it for me?  A brain dump.  What’s in it for you?  Total randomness!  Enjoy!

TOMORROW’S FRIDAY!!! ‘Nuff said.

Birthday Love.  My bestie celebrated her birthday earlier this month!  Jenna – even though time and distance may separate us, we will forever be close in heart and spirit.  xoxo.


Things in Trees.  So on my walk home from work the other night, I just happened to look up and see a phone book caught in the branches above me.  My very first thought, in a British accent of course – It’s the Whomping Willow! <– yep…HP forever in my heart.  (On a side note…does anyone else ever do that?  Talk to themselves in accents??)


Ethiopian food!  A couple of weeks ago, I organized a girls dinner – a chance to try a new ethnic food.  We chose Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant in NW Calgary.  “For thousands of years, Ethiopians have made a traditional Ethiopian bread called Injera. When eating an Ethiopian meal, Injera serves both as your platter and utensil. Break a small piece of Injera and place it on the Wat of your choice (Wat literally means stew), while simultaneously pinching your fingers to pick up the amount you desire.”  There were plenty of vegetarian options available, and also gluten-free options!  For appetizers, we ordered the Sambusa with meat, which was pastry shells stuffed with seasoned ground beef, fresh onion and jalapeno.  Quite spicy…but delicious!  Four of us chose to try the House Combination Specialty Platter and received a HUGE sharing plate.  There were 6 scoops of various entrees to try: chicken, beef, and lamb as meat options, and chickpeas, lentils, and cabbage as vegetarian options.  My favorites were the chicken, chickpeas, and lentils!  Others at the table loved the lamb!  I believe the cabbage was the least liked, but that sounds normal to me – lol.  We also tried an East African beer from Kenya called Tusker.  Overall – amazingly good food…and such a fun experience eating with your hands!

Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant – 130 10th St. NW (Kensington)
Website // Menu // Yelp Reviews


Portland, Oregon – State #4.  I’m super excited to travel to Portland this weekend!  First of all, I’ve never been to the state or Oregon.  Secondly, I get to add State #4 to my “Half the States” challenge (a half marathon in half the states)!!!  Woo-hoo!


Blog Design Updates.  That’s right, friends…I’ve finally made some updates to the look of the blog!  In case you’re always reading this in a blog reader (like Bloglovin’) where you don’t always get to experience the blog design, step on out and check it out:  DAYDREAMS & SHOESTRINGS.  I just wasn’t very *excited* about my old header…so I decided to create a new one.  And change the home page layout…and add a background…and redo my About page…and redo my Shoestrings page (have you noticed the states/provinces I designed?)…and add a Contact page…  What do you think???



Fictional Places You Wish You Could Visit.  Goodreads recently did a POLL to discover the top fictional places that people wished they could visit in real life.  The book nerd that I am, thought this was absolutely delightful!  My top three places: Hogwarts, Asgard, and Pandora.  Panem and The Shire are also pretty high on my daydream list!  And perhaps Jurassic Park too…because…well…dinosaurs are amazing!  Where would you visit?


Twitter Milestone!  I don’t know how in the world I didn’t mention this before…but I recently reached 500 followers on TWITTER!!! You guys are AMAZING!


What’s on your mind?  I’d love to hear from you!



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