Calgary Half Expectations


Hello friends!  This Sunday, the hubby and I are ready for Round 2 of the Calgary Half Marathon.  LAST YEAR, this race symbolized our very first International Race, our first Canadian Race.  Last year’s time was 2:01:28 – and although it isn’t my personal worst time – it was not a good race for me.  I want to beat that this year, not just physically, but also mentally!  I want to stay positive, and run strong, and trust in my training.  I want to have fun and zone out and run fast!  I honestly couldn’t say it any better, or more eloquently, than fellow blogger and runner Leana:

I am fit.  I am strong.  I want this.  I am here to push through.  Go fast, take chances.  Head up, wings out.  Believe.

So…my original goal was just to beat last year’s time.  But then I thought – I have trained harder than last year, and I am stronger than last year.  And although I do not see this as a Personal Record (PR) course, I do think that I can do better than my last two half marathons (both hilly), where I have been hovering right around 1 hour, 59 minutes.  So here goes…

GOAL A:  1 hour, 56 minutes. This is my stretch goal.  It’s only 1 minute off of my personal best, but if EVERYTHING lines up, and I feel stellar, then I have a shot at reaching this time.  { 8:51/mile }

GOAL B:  1 hour, 58 minutes.  This is my target goal.  { 9:00/mile }

GOAL C:  2 hours. This is my “it’s not my best running day – but I just ran 13.1 miles” goal.  { 9:09/mile }

That’s all for now!!!  Wish me luck…and see you soon…



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