Thinking Out Loud // 06.04.2015

Hello friends.  Today I’m linking up with Amanda (Running with Spoons) for “Thinking Out Loud.”  What’s in it for me?  A brain dump.  What’s in it for you?  Total randomness!  Enjoy!

Dear Calgary in the Spring: You are gorgeous and green and rainy and I love you!

Upcoming Anniversary:  We are about to celebrate eight years next week!  Although we’re really celebrating twenty years of memories…I love how each year, each month, each day I adore him more and more!

Banff weekend getaway!  I mentioned this in yesterday’s post – and in case you can’t tell, I’m really, really excited! – but the hubby and I will be heading to Banff this weekend – partly because we want to try a run or two at the higher elevation before the Banff Half (June 21), but also for a quick get-away for our anniversary!  We have really come to adore the whole Canmore/Banff/Lake Louise area – and there is always something new and exciting for us to try, be it restaurants or hiking trails.  I can’t wait to share my weekend activities with you!  For my Canadian friends…are there any MUST-DO restaurants in the Banff that we should try?  I have yet to try a Beaver Tail…I’m thinking this is a must for an anniversary dessert!!!

Food_Beaver Tail

Jamaican food!  Last night was our monthly girls dinner – a chance to try a new ethnic food.  We chose Simply Irie in SW Calgary.  Particularly in the Caribbean, a great meal is about a great experience — one that combines food, service, ambience and more, whether you’re at a beach shack or a fine-dining eatery.  Here you can sample authentic tastes of Jamaica – Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Curried Goat, Ackee & Salt Fish – all served with a sunshine smile!”  For appetizers, we ordered fried plantains – sweet and delicious!  We chose to try four different dishes and share (Jerk Chicken, Ackee & Salt Fish – the Jamaican national dish, Goat Roti, and Beef Roti) – and they were all delicious!  We also tried Grace Island Soda in different flavors (orange, fruit punch, kola champagne, and pineapple coconut).  Beneath each cap, there was a different message written in Patois, or Patwa, which is a distinct language used mainly by the Jamaicans.  We had a blast reading them out loud in our version of Jamaican accents.  Overall – delicious and flavorful food…excellent service…and a fun atmosphere!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Dont’ take what you have for granted. There may be someone else who would appreciate it.
Every little bit counts.
You cannot fix a bad situation, that stays too long.

Simply Irie Caribbean Cuisine – 1431 17th Ave SW
Website // Menu



Name Generator.  I’m sure some of you have seen this floating around, where you can find out the popularity of your name all the way back to 1890!  If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s pretty neat!  JENNIFER was the #1 girl’s name back in 1983…and today, if I was given the most popular name, I’d be EMMA.  The other name my parents were considering before I was born…JESSICA (they would have been ahead of the times)!  But what I find truly fun about all of this…my grandmother’s name is MARY!!!  And even more ironic…my dad’s name is DONALD, and in 1958, it was the 18th most popular boy’s name.  My brother’s name is JASON, and in 1986, it was the also the 18th most popular boy’s name!!!



Change. It’s-a-coming. I’m in limbo right now with some upcoming changes at work…and I wish I could tell you more…but I honestly don’t know much more.  Things are interesting / up in the air / confusing right now…*sigh*…and instead of letting it stress me, I’m trying to just be excited for however it all shakes out.  Here’s to hoping that it’s all good things ahead!

What’s on your mind?  I’d love to hear from you!



3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud // 06.04.2015

  1. Have a great time in Banff! Neil and I love going to the Grizzly House for fondue/hot rocks. It is so cheesy but we love it. Bear Street Tavern has terrific pizzas and is well worth a visit. The Bison upstairs has an amazing brunch and I highly recommend it (but make a reservation on Open Table). Nourish Bistro has yummy vegetarian fare.

    Be on the lookout for bears if you are running. There were a ton of animals out when we rode our bikes out there a couple of weeks ago.

    I hope things shake out okay for you at work. This is definitely a rough time in the industry! 😦

  2. Two words: beaver balls
    Instead of the tail i usually get the beaver balls. It’s the same delicious fried dough, but has ice cream and sauce added…
    Need I say more?
    Have fun!!

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