Banff Half Expectations


Hello friends!  The hubby and I will be in racing in Banff National Park this morning for the Banff Half Marathon!  As such, I wanted to write out some of my upcoming expectations for the race!

Race Expectations

This course is at a high elevation…and has some pretty substantial “rolling” hills.  Therefore, I am not aiming for a PR, but for a really strong long run!

Goal A: Sub 2 hours.  This is my stretch goal, a strong 9:09/mile pace.

Goal B: 2 hours, 4 minutes.  This is my realistic goal – a “more comfortable” 9:27/mile pace, allowing me to appropriately tackle the elevation and the steady uphill of the entire first half!

Goal C: 2 hours, 8 minutes.  This is my “it’s not my best running day – but I just ran 13.1 miles in the mountains” goal.  If I can maintain a solid 9:45/mile, then I can reach this!


I hope I get a picture like this…Mt. Rundle in the background!!!

From the website:

Imagine yourself on a journey that flows from Banff Central Park, runs past Vermilion Lakes, up the Bow Valley Parkway and loops to finish in beautiful downtown Banff.  It is the running adventure of a lifetime.  The scenery is breathtaking and you will experience many different interpretive geographical, wilderness and historical stages on your trek.  Run by the stunning mountain vistas known to Banff National Park, Moose Meadows, the new Legacy Trail, and serene Vermillion Lakes – just to name a few.




That’s all for now!!!  See you soon…



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