Celebrate Summer // Guest Blogger Series

Hello friends!  Bloggers love summer – as it’s the prime time to get out and about and try new and exciting things and share it all with YOU, our amazing readers!  So while I’m off enjoying my favorites thing about summer – I’m excited to bring you a guest post series, throughout August, of my blogger buddies sharing their summer favorites!  Topics will range from Summer Activities…to Summer Traditions…to Summer Recipes…to Summer Running…basically ALL THINGS SUMMER!


So stay tuned for a few weeks of Celebrating Summer – starting tomorrow!  And a big thanks in advance to all these lovely ladies for helping out and keeping things rolling around here while I’m out and about in the world!


Tina – Fabulosi-T // Inspiring us to try new things over the summer!

Patty – RunMomMe // Joining a Summer Race series!

Kelly – Miles to Go // Celebrating running through the hottest days of the year!

Jackie – Muddling Momma // Creative Ways to Celebrate Summer with Kids

Lauren  – Breathe Deeply and Smile // Summer Traditions

Beth – Running with the Sunrise // Summer Favorites

Susie – Suzlyfe // 5 Reasons to Experience Summer in Chicago

What’s your favorite part of Summer 2015?




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