Celebrate Summer // Tina

Hello friends!  First up in the Celebrate Summer Guest Blogger Series, is Tina of Fabulosi-T.  Tina is a fellow Calgarian – and runner – and a FABulous “get your butt outdoors” motivator!  She is also a fellow #RockNBlog ambassador.  Are you excited to meet her yet?!  I have yet to meet Tina in person, but I already know from her spunk and spirit and smile that we would instantly connect!  Thanks, Tina, for inspiring us to try new things over the summer, and to get out there and shake it up!  If you would like to follow along on her adventures, check out Tina’s TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!


Summertime for me as a kid meant endless bike rides bombing around town with friends. And, time at the lake – my grandparents place was my favourite place to be. Shoes off, feet in sand or grass, running through sprinklers and chasing butterflies in the yard. Those carefree days are what I miss most as an adult.

Sometimes with all the responsibilities and “things” to do and get done, one loses sight of the fun in life. So when summer comes, I really try to make the most of it. This MAY be also due to being Canadian – some of us get a very short summer – so when the temps soar…we need to make the most of it. Four months of summer (barely) means we gotta make it count.

This year, I decided since I wasn’t working full time (and am on good ol limited budget) my fun could be found at home. In the local parks, around the city, or on short road trips. So far I have done a few FAB things….

Like finding local trails to run on – most of them in town. I have done day trips to local (less than 2 hours drive) areas like Kananaskis and Frank Slide! This gets me out and about and seeing some awesome sights. Plus it is great training!


I have gone to the lake! This is one of my favourite activities … I have several family members with cabins each at different lakes in Alberta – so what a great time to visit. I just try to plan it when I don’t have a long run scheduled (haha – so I can have a little wine).


I’ve tried my hand at paddling and boating. I had a lot of fun at a recent family reunion out on the water, but locally we have a few beaches and outdoor pools in the city – who doesn’t love hitting the water when the temperatures soar? Plus it gives you an opportunity to try something new (or participate in an activity I don’t get to do very often!)


Other fun ‘lake’ activities included making and eating fireside s’mores. This is such a quick way to relive your childhood PLUS nothing is yummier!


Above all, I try to make sure I take time for me. Juggling a couple jobs can get hectic. So NOTHING is better than reading a book in the shade or the sun….And if you have a hammock, then it is even better! THAT is seriously luxurious – just the time doing nothing but enjoying a good book, a cold drink and feeling cocooned in comfort, yet being surrounded by nature. Its one of those simple things in life that is (in my opinion) not done enough. Taking time to chill is healthy!

2015-08-01 16.21.182015-08-01 17.51.28

Lastly, I would like to share what might be the most amazing thing about summer.


When I go camping, or stay at cabin, I never sleep in. I used to curse about the interrupted sleeps. Or why I was up so freaking early. But sometimes when you get up to use the outhouse (yes I stay in one of THOSE cabins), you see the most magnificent sight. Like THIS photo I took on my way to the outdoor loo last weekend. At 530 am. With my iPhone. And with NO FILTER. After sitting on the dock taking in this view for 15 or so minutes…I went back to bed. It was one of those moments that you are lucky to get – and to be truthful, I was kind of happy I didn’t share it with anyone. I just got to take it all in by my lonesome!

THAT is what summer is to me – fleeting beauty that one needs to stop for a moment and take in!


And besides, you can ALWAYS nap in the hammock, right?

How do you enjoy summer?  What are your favourite activities?



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