Celebrate Summer // Jackie

Hello friends!  Next up in the Celebrate Summer Guest Blogger Series, is Jackie of Muddling Momma.  I connected with Jackie via the Sweat Pink Ambassador group on Facebook.  Jackie started her blog to share the journey to motherhood, mainly because she was so disillusioned with the other ‘trying to conceive’ blogs out there.  Today, she is the happy mother of 2-year old Mike, and blogs about conquering motherhood and creating memories.  She is also the creator/coordinator of ’12-4-1′, a local diaper drive each year to help provide diapers to families in need.  Are you excited to meet her yet?! Thanks, Jackie, for sharing with us your creative ways to celebrate summer with kids on those hot summer days!  If you would like to follow along on her adventures, check out Jackie’s TWITTER!


Ah, sweet, sweet summer. Or if you live in Maryland, or any state these days, it’s more like ah, sweat, hot, oppressive summer. I am not made for this heat, and neither is my family. So what are you suppose to do with a kid on those days when it is just too hot to go outside? Have a movie day!

But not just any movie day. Anybody can sit in front of the television for two hours zoning out with popcorn, but that’s not as fun as incorporating a theme. Most of the time a theme can be built around a movie, or things you already have around the house.
Ask anyone who knows me and they will confirm I love a theme. So to help you and your family through the hazy, hot days of summer, I’ve put together a list of my Summer Movie Days complete with snack and activities to get you started.
summer movie party
Watch: Surfs Up (G) – This ‘documentary’ follows Cody Maverick, a teenage penguin, as he travels from Antarctica to Pen Gu Island, to participate in ‘The Big Z Memorial Surf Off’ commemorating deceased surfing star Big Z.
Eat: Rainbow Fruit Skewers, Goldfish, Sea Salt chips and fruit infused water.
Do: Wear leis, have a balance contest, and bat a beach ball around.
Watch:The Sandlot (PG) – The new kid in town wants to learn to play baseball, so the best player in town teaches him the game. As most summer baseball movies go, the rag tag team has hilarious misadventures.
Eat: Stadium food of course! Hot dogs, sunflower seeds, and Cracker Jacks.
Do: Knock Over the Can – Just stack soda or coffee cans in a pyramid and have participants try to knock them all over from different distances. Try using a wiffle ball or beanbag to avoid too much wall damage.
Watch: Camp Nowhere (PG) – Instead of going to a boring summer camp, the lead tween in this comedy hatches a plan to con his parents into sending him to a camp of his own design – a parent free paradise. The ‘campers’ work hard to convince their parents it’s a true camp, offering lots of laughs.
Eat: Trail mix, ‘Bug’ juice, and our favorite – S’more Bowls! Just get the waffle cone bowls, throw in a few mini-marshmallows and milk chocolate chips, wrap in tin foil and put in the oven for 7-10 minutes. If you feel adventurous, experiment with adding fruit or a different flavor chip.
Do: Build a tent and have a scavenger hunt (parents, this is a good time to find those missing remotes and documents!)
Watch: Adventureland (R) – For the more adult crowd, this hidden gem takes place in the late 80s when a recent college grad takes a job at Adventureland thinking it would be a boring summer gig. Little did he know, it would prepare him for the real world in the best way.
Eat: Corn dogs, Good Humor bars, pizza by the slice, snow cones.
Do: Face painting and play Ring Toss game.
Did I miss any great summer movies? I am always looking for an inside movie day as we close out the summer weather.


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