Celebrate Summer // Lauren

Hello friends!  Next up in the Celebrate Summer Guest Blogger Series, is Lauren of Breathe Deeply and Smile, a blog about finding happiness, running, health & fitness, food, and Baltimore happenings.  I first connected with Lauren as a fellow #RockNBlog Ambassador.  She is a research scientist by day and part-time health and fitness nut.  She is addicted to running, loves cooking, watching TV & films, trying new restaurants and bars, and exploring all the fun things Baltimore has to offer. She got hooked on running after her first 5K 4 years ago and has since completed 10 half and 2 full marathons as she currently chases a Boston qualifying time. Besides running she loves dabbling in Crossfit, yoga, spin, and group fitness classes. Are you excited to meet her yet?! Thanks, Lauren, for sharing with us your Summer Traditions!  If you would like to follow along on her adventures, visit her on her blog, Breathe Deeply and Smile, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


On my blog Breathe Deeply and Smile I spend a lot of time talking about running, training, health & fitness, and eating. While I do all those things during the summer, I also have many summer traditions that don’t include those things. Okay, so most of them do include eating. Even with a busy summer like this past one, I still find time to squeeze in my favorite summer activities.

1. Ice Cream.  While I’m an ice cream year-round kinda girl, there is something wonderful about going out with family and friends for ice cream and other cold treats in the summertime.  It happens much more spontaneously in the summertime whether it’s after dinner, on a hot afternoon, or when I’m travelling.


2. The Jersey Shore. I grew up in New Jersey and despite the media’s portrayals (ahem, Jersey Shore), I always had a really wonderful  time on our annual trips to the beach and time spent with friends hanging out even for just a day or weekend.  It always includes some time with my toes in the sand, salt water on my skin, my favorite pizza on the Boardwalk, and fun treats like funnel cake or ice cream (see above).

3. Vacation or Trip. While my family took a few vacations in the late Fall growing up, our annual vacation was usually in the middle of the summer when everyone was out of school. I was lucky enough to have a dad that believed in flying and seeing new places so it was always a really memorable trip. Even now I find that I like having at least one bigger trip planned during the summer and enjoy taking some time off work to go relax and explore a new place. This year we even found time to all take a family vacation to Disney World!

DisneyWorldMay2015 (30)

4. Baseball. Coming from a sports-loving family, I was lucky enough to attend various sporting events often when I was growing up.  Each summer, even if it’s not as often as I’d like, I make sure to go to a few baseball games here at Camden Yards in Baltimore or in Philadelphia to see my hometown favorites the Philadelphia Phillies play. It’s a great date night where my boyfriend and I grab some cheap student seats along with a few hot dogs and beers and watch a baseball game.

20140929 LSeserko_BreatheBlog Headshot

Do you have any fun summer traditions or must-do summer activities?


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