Celebrate Summer // Beth

Hello friends!  Next up in the Celebrate Summer Guest Blogger Series is the truly amazing Beth of Running with the Sunrise.  Beth is a fitness fanatic who lives in the Chicago suburbs, and even though we’ve never met in person, I immediately felt connected to her once I read her blog.  (And I’m just slightly highly jealous of Ange and Jen who got to meet both her and Susie at the 2015 BlogFest!)  Beth is down to earth and supportive and has amazingly helpful content on her blog about running, yoga, and finding balance and happiness in life.  Are you excited to meet her yet?! Thanks, Beth, for sharing with us your Summer Favorites!  If you would like to follow along on her adventures, check out Beth’s TWITTERINSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK!


I’m so excited that Jen asked me to get in on her Celebrate Summer series! Summer is a pretty epic season; it seems like every May so many of us make lists of all of the great activities that we want to get in every summer. Since we’re nearing the end of summer, I want to share some of my summer favorites as a way to reminisce about all of the fun things that happen during the summer.


1) Fresh produce! I would say my most favorite thing about summer is all of the fresh produce that comes rolling through. I love it all—zucchini, peaches, cherries—to me, the best part of the season is getting to eat all sorts of fresh, local produce. Plus, eating local is really great because you know you’re getting your produce soon after it’s picked, which means it’s full of nutrients, and it saves on the energy spent toward transporting the produce to you, the consumer.

2) Spending time outdoors. We all have our favorites. I personally love camping, although sometimes I have to get my fix by just sitting on the patio. I live in the Chicago suburbs, and after a long winter of being cooped up in the house, it’s great to get out and get some fresh air. It’s also so nice to be able to run outside after being stuck on the treadmill all winter!

3) Long days. Speaking of spending time outdoors, I love having lots of daylight to enjoy being outside! Although summer means I have to set my alarm extra early if I want to be out the door at the coolest part of the day, when the sun rises, waking up early means I’m able to get more things done before I head out to start my day, which makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot.

4) Dining al fresco. I get so excited every year when it gets warm enough to eat outside at restaurants. I think it makes eating out a little more special, and there’s no feeling like enjoying drinks on a patio!

Join in on the fun! What are your favorite things about summer? Tell me in the comments!


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