{ Inspiration }

I LOVE LISTS!  And I love the idea that you can turn an { Inspiration } into a { New Experience! }  And honestly, if you have a penchant for making lists – you’re not alone.  Lists write the future, chronicle the past, and  provide order to the chaos in this world.  But most of all, making lists is seriously fun!  Enjoy!!!


Life List
Creating a bucket list – a list of the things you want to see and do before you die – is a great idea!  But it doesn’t have to be finite.  It’s not a kick-the-bucket list!  Think of the things you’ve always wanted to do, write them down in a list, complete some, add others…so it’s a list that’s always evolving and changing!

NOLA Bucket List
A list of MUST DOs while living in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Calgary Bucket List
A list of MUST DOs while living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

If you’ve used Pinterest to turn an idea into reality, make an important change in your life, or create something you didn’t think was possible before, you’re not alone!



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